COUNTRY TEASERS : this film should not exist

A film by Gisella Albertini, Massimo Scocca, Nicolas Drolc

a coproduction between Bo Fidedlity Cineproduzioni & Les Films Furax - ITALY / FRANCE - 2019


Noise rock? Post-punk? Country & Western? From Edinburgh, Scotland? 

Indeed - meet The Country Teasers, the missing link between Tammy Wynette, Flann O'Brien and the Fall! 


In 1995, the infamous underground rock'n'roll label Crypt Records put up a European tour of a pair of unlikely, then-unknown bands: 

Memphis native Oblivians, a raw garage-punk trio, and a peculiar art-punk quintet from the UK : The Country Teasers. 


The tour would prove to be the stuff of modern legend.


Two Italians, Gisella Albertini and Massimo Scocca, followed them around Europe with a 1978 Ford Transit and a borrowed camera, capturing the resulting mayhem and madness on Hi8 video tape.


Now, 23 years later, this raw footage, alongside brand new interviews, is being compiled into a film showcasing the bizarre genius of The Country Teasers and their provocative frontman Ben Wallers.

If you thought 90's rock 'n' roll wildness ended with Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994 - well, think again!